The Weapon Of The Hijab

This Hijab is an act of faith
A symbol for everyone to see
That I am a MUSLIM woman
This Hijab is my identity
It shows my truthfulness and integrity
It is act of piety
To preserve my dignity
Because of my Hijab they say am pity

They say i should take it off and be ashamed
But little did they know that this Hijab is my freedom
They say that Im oppressed
Just give it a rest
Don't you know all this is a test
This is and will always be the way i dress
So Im not stressed
Honestly your just making a mess
Who are you trying to impress
Cause this is not a contest
This is just my way of being a modest

Hijab is what a choose to wear
Why do you even care
I mean this is not rare
It's all over world so keep it fair
Or maybe i could give you some to share
Cause surely i do have some spare
I could teach you how to wear
So be aware
Don't compare
And glare
because who knows tomorrow you might actually have a pair

Modesty is what we are
This might sound bizarre
But the Hijab itself is a star
And for some a start
A journey to be a part
Of somemthing so simple and smart
But yet we easily break apart
Modesty is not a form of art
But something in our hearts
Keep it halal and make it a good part
Of something new and remark
Be who you are and not who they want you to be
Cause Hijab is surely something to be proud of

Modesty is not given or taken
But earned and made
Hijab is my secret weapon
And all i need to do is kill u all with that beautiful weapon.