What goes around, comes around.

Sore throat from trying to hold back the tears.
shaking hands that rest on her heart.
Sitting on the same chair for years.
Her loved ones so very far apart.

The clock is ticking and the weather is cold.
The sun she once played in was grey and gone.
She never thought that it hurt like this to be old.
She never knew if she'd make it till dawn.

Her five children that she lovingly rared.
Where nowhere at all to be seen.
This feeling she had that none of them cared.
She was at the lowest point she'd ever been.

She wept alone in the room her children had paid for.
She witnessed the cruel thanks for all her hard work.
She ate food of a prisoner and would collapse on the floor.
Her only company in the corner,was were her shadow would lurk.

The day came when she felt an awareness.
The darkness lifted from her mind.
She was overwhelmed and almost careless.
And to sorrow she was blind.

Her soul had left her body and she felt more alive than the living.
Her hurt and pain were at an end and she was more than relieved.
She was done with all the cruelty of age and the grief that she was given.
All the injustice and neglect she most certainly received.

Now sleep and rest with God knowing all your hurt.
Smile and know that from all your pain you gained peaceful wait.
Your children weep as they see your body buried in the dirt.
But where were they when you cried out through that homes big black gate?

But woe to them who forget their elders, and fathers and mothers.
Woe to them who ignore their every whim.
We must value them as precious jewels, like them there are no others.
Seek their prayers and pray for them for this life is much too dim.

And when you grow old and wither all your petals, be very sure to know.
That life is not complete till what goes around comes around.
And when the kids get tall and their bright eyes glow.
They too will leave you in a room, then weep when you meet the ground.