What Makes the Wind Blow

What makes the wind blow?
What gives it power to shake the trees so,
To scatter the leaves both high and low?
What moves it fast, what moves it slow?
What makes it calm or makes it a tornado?
What makes it a friend or makes it a foe?
Is it kinds of air, both warm and cold?
Or is it types of gasses that expand just so?
The answer to both of these is simply No! and No!
Not what, but who, is what you should know.
So who is it that makes the wind blow?
Allah makes the wind blow that is what you should know.
How, do you ask, does He make the wind blow?
How does He control it precisely just so?
With the word, "Be", it comes and it goes.
With just a word from Him it does as it's told.
Praise be to the One who orders the wind to go,
Orders its speed and direction, whether friend or foe.
Glory be to the One whose word controls,
Whose power and majesty are constantly shown.
Allah shows us these signs to make our faith grow,
So remember your Lord next time you hear the wind blow.
Don't live in this world blind to the signs that He shows,
But praise your Lord next time the wind blows.