what will u do?


will u remember the salaah u read?
or even those who u fed?
do u no all der bad deeds you've done?
what will u do when u cant see der sun?
do all ur good deeds
be4 it's 2 late
and dont rely on ur fate
will u be thinking about ur desire ?
when u r in der burning fire?
you'll be questioned in the grave by Munkir Nakeer[angels]
but only Allah knows wat's written in ur Taqdeer [fate]
now der test haz finished
another life is begun
Jannat iz der best
and in Jahanam dere is no rest
can u feel urself in a friendly atmosphere?
or r u still lonely?

there wont be a way 2 hide on dis day
r u still afraid?
or do u have braveness in ur heart?
rats,snakes.bugs and insects will be all over u
y r u not tremebling with fear?
when ur death iz so near
nothing will be clear 4 u
how do u feel now?
do u want ur mother,or even ur brother?
You'll have 2 answer on everyday of ur life
even if you've been using a knife
think not of them but ALLAH ,lord or mankind and jinn
think of ALLAH when sed a sin
think of ur friends the day u died
even all the teares they cried
fell urself in ur grave
through night,through day
what will u say?
ALLAH is der one u should fear,
the one who is great,the one who is a dear
when i tell u ,u burst into laughter
it's not long until the hearafter
we know death iz sure 2 come
each day will pass one day,you'll die
yet u dont care plz tell me why
in this world u might have fun
but from ALLAH ,u cannot run
have u been breaking promises all ur life?
also backbiting about ur friends and causing strife?
u lived in dis world to score and more
never ur people do u adore
there's no time ,i'll take ur soul which i was sent
u r a muslim only by namme
when it comes to talking about ISLAM ,what a shame
r u afraid when everything will die?


Nice, Jazakallah Ghair

Nice, Jazakallah Ghair