When A Wall Divides Us

They know we are there but they wish not to see us and they wish not for us to see them.

A wall was intentionally placed behind them and in front of us.

Many words are spoken but from whose mouths they come from we do not know.

Is the wall a barrier or are their words?

To them it is not important that we see.

Sufficient is that we only hear.

They on the other hand have permitted themselves sight and sound.

The use of two senses and we one.

Is physical space made of air between them and us not enough of a distance?

Instead they thought to put up a wall.

A wall that upsets us.

A wall that humiliates us.

A wall that obscures us.

A wall that hurts us.

A wall that makes them forget about us.

With their wall, they have made us not a part of them.

We feel excluded.

We feel we are unimportant.

We are made to feel inferior.

If they were on our side of the wall,

Might they know then how we feel?

Might they know then what their wall has done?

By: Najwa Kareem

written on June 16, 2017