Whisper of an angel

In the night, while I was laying on my bed,
I heard an angel whisper into my heart.

O man, why are you so ungrateful,
For the blessings that have already been given to you.

Indeed, counting the blessings will be like counting the sands in the desert.
But do you not see the greatest blessing of all?

I asked the angel what he meant.
He then told me about this story.

God asked Muhammad who he was created for,
Muhammad remained silent or humbled before his lord.

God then told him that he was created for,
The children of Adam and forever more.

My heart then understood what the angel meant.
I began to cry with tears in my eyes.

Who is the best of creation?
It is Muhammad.

Who is the most beloved of God?
It is Ahmad.

Whose sake have we all been given the gift of life?
It is Yaseen.

God has given us his best creation to be our prophet.
God has given his most beloved to be our leader.
God has given us life because of his most beloved.

When God has given the thing that He loves the most,
What have we given in return to God?