who are you?

I cum from the land of da oppressed..
N had 2 compromise wid oppression..
My lifes full of depression..
N my headz always in detention..
Im alwayz in da centre of attention..
Dey tell me im ethnically diseased..
N my offspring is contagious like cancer..
Im a fundamentalist cuz of my believes..
They always address me as a thief..
Wanting me 2 follow flaws like sheep..
Da sun blindz my eyez defusing ma brain..
I cum from the land of da insane..
My nationality is enuff 2 put me in shame..

Yes, a very negative write...

interesting. I dont think you are putting urself or nationality down, rather, you are displaying how others may look at you, as they look at muslims world wide. there's an element of sarcasm in your write. Anyone different is a threat, anyone brave is fundamentalist, anyone speaking truth is insane, that is how the world works now...sad? yes....will it always be like that? no.
thought provoking write, thanks for sharing...

sad poem

that's quite a negative poem. why are you putting you and your nationality down?

neagtive for a purpose...

its the way the world are seeing us as muslims today, we are demonized by the one sided media, this poem is sarcastic to an extent, so that the reader thinks and decides for them selfs...