Who are you Really?

Before God created creation, He said, “My Mercy prevails my Anger.”
Is it not you, O Muhammad, that You are that Mercy?
Why then should I be afraid of God’s punishment?
Rather, I should be afraid of not knowing who you are.

When we love something to eat,
We will eat it first or save it for last.
Did God not create your light first and sent you as the last of the prophets?

The entire universe came into being because of you.
You are the only witness to all of God’s creations.

All the prophets strive to please God,
And the Lord of the Worlds strives to please you.

God has cut off his name Mahmood and gifted it to you.
He has connected your blessed name with His and has adorned it on His Throne.

When the divine pen heard that you are God’s intimate friend,
It broke into two causing the pens of today to only write with a split nib.

How many calligraphers are holding their breath,
While writing your name with breath like flow.

How many poets are singing your praises,
While forgetting about their own selves.

How many angels are circling your tomb,
Like the angels circling God’s Throne.

When you went on the Night Journey,
Did God not raise from his Throne of Thrones and welcomed you?

Is it not because of you that those who buried their daughters alive,
Became the guiding stars in the sky?

If not for you, will Bilal take pleasure in the burning sand?
If not for you, will Umar have faith that causes the devils to take another path?
If not for you, will Abu Bakr give all his possessions and submit to you?
If not for you, will Uthman have wives that are like Houris in paradise?
If not for you, will Ali divide the people destined for heaven or hell?

All these honor is for you alone.
And I still don’t know who you are.