Who Cares what the world thinks?
express me let your thoughts be a whirlwind

take my arm let us let the world heal
for its been numbed let me out so i can reveal
that its bad days will one day be long gone
so longs as im near we will stand strong

So Who cares what the world thinks?
express me to your thoughts im a whirlwind

i may confuse some but its apart of the drill
so that i can open there hearts and let them feel
think and ponder over the signs that are so real
now let us walk together so our paths be sealed

NOW who cares what the world thinks?
me and you together have caused a whirlwind

now we'll break down the cages and release those sighs
we'll rattle the the stages and bring peace of mind
we'll stop all misery and put an end to the lies
for i am your deen and only now you realised
that i have been forever by your side :)

Never will i care what the world thinks !!!
so long as im breaking free in this whirlwind

Your nearest and dearest may let you down
but Allah gave us a gift that hates to see us frown
so use it wisely wear it as your crown
and youll beem of happiness both inside and out

But do you care what the world thinks?
or will you spin this world with this whirwind !!!


MashaAllah, I really liked your poem so I decided to share it with my friends, InshaAllah I look forward to reading more of your work.