The XX Twist

We're moody, we know
Five minutes to shower takes an hour, we know
We get angry too quickly, we control too easily
Grey hairs are a no-no, kids bounce us around like a yo-yo

We know.

We know!

But inside us is a heart that soars with the gentle breeze
A mind that is mindful of more than just school fees
We care about the world and act in the context of our families
Threaten those we love and see a pushover kitten transform into a lion

No, we are not perfect - we don't strive to be
No, we are not feminists - for the world needs balance

But we are guided by our hearts
We are reminded of the need for mercy, love and soulful care as we raise and nourish the joys that passaged through our wombs

We act in a man's world
But we live in a women's world

For the heart of a women cannot sustain except
In the world of a women

And in our living, and in our loving, in our un-understood craziness
We forge ahead with a prayer of guidance from the Lord of All Worlds

For HE -

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