You are better then I…

You are better then I…

My dear brothers, how much do we have in common today?
While you are locked in a chamber, I can move any way
I am admitted to the university of Ayoub [as]
And Akhie, you are admitted to the university of Yusuf [as]
My journey and your journey are both on the same path
To enter beautiful gardens and save ourselves from Allahs wrath

Your campus is at a small prison cell
And mine is around yours
You are tested with loneliness
While I am tested with companionship

Your loneliness is light, and my companionship is dark
My deen is beside you upon every turn of your face
As for me, I get distracted, the dunya I begin to chase

While I spend my day shopping, and cruising my campus
You spend the same day reading about the One who guides us
My nights are no different – I sleep for countless hours
While you clean yourself every night at the merciful-showers

I may be free at large, though my life is harder then yours
Atleast you are not occupied in dazzles of this earth
We were both born with the fithrah, clean and pure
From the looks of it today, you are the successful for sure

Don’t be sad when you look at the four dull walls around you
The colourful world around me is just a veil over the truth
The truth for you is blatant, you enjoy it every minute
While I am a dyslexic student, I sometimes tend to bin it

The University of Ayoub [as] is just as great as Yusuf’s [as]
Though only suitable for those who are high-class students
Students who revise ignoring the world around them
Unlike people like myself who ends up forgetting every now and then

By Allah both Universities are for Students with degrees of taqwa
May Allah swt place us among them, not among ahlul hawa
I can now see you behind bars smiling, as I leave crying loud
May Allah help me be like you, before I enter my shrouds.