You are Muslim

The people think how they think,
Coz thay value people according to their dough,
Good looks and social status
is all they run after,
But to the Lord
all that don't matter,
Coz The most honorable of You
Is the one who has most taqwa,*
So dont let the elegant dresses
Beautiful faces
deceive you,
To a muslim life's more than that,
Its striving for a never ending home,
Gardens beneath which rivers flow,
Coz the Almighty said
'The hereafter
Is the home that will remain forever'**
so my brother/sister in islam,
Next time someone
looks down on you,
please tell them you are muslim,
with ur beard or your hijab,
stand up and be proud,
coz your Lord told you,
The best way to live life,
u stay away fornication,
its not what they call civilization,
u are a good example
in your society,
giving them hapiness n security,
u walk on the streets humbly,
the old you respect
to the young you show mercy,
obscene language u try to avoid,
of any goodness it is void,
living ur life in a simple way,
yet it amazes the world,
coz you follow the best
last prophet of The Lord,
keep up with what you do,
and next time someone
looks down on you,
Ama tell 'em your muslim,
And to you all dat don't matter,
you only pray for
more and more taqwa :)

* Hujuraat 49:13 'O mankind! We created you from a single(pair)of a male and a female,and made you into nations and tribes,that you may know each other(not that you may despise eachother).Verily the most honored of you in the sight of God is(he who is)the most righteous of you.And God has full knowledge and is well acquainted(with all things)'

**Ghaafir 40:39