"You are my wife, a part of my life."

(In every line there is always a reason, A story.
I was moved by my feelings
and this inspired me to write this simple dedication,
For my loving wife and my best friend forever)

"You are my wife, a part of my life."

You are Gods given blessing,
A missing part that keeps my life running,
Without you I am not changing,
You made my world complete and turning.

I was so lonely and so sad,
This feeling is always getting me mad,
So soon as I know and hold you,
the same is the time that I left you.

Everyday is like a million night,
Without you here by my side,
I got to be strong, I got to be right,
But the strength I have is getting dried.

I never loved you more than before,
Longing for you, I always do more...
Missing the hugs and the kisses,
More so your care and embraces.

Hoping that time would go by,
And the years would easily past by.
I want to meet you and continue,
Our loves journey as we go through.

I always adore you, I will always care,
Distance do not matter, And no matter what,
I will always be there, because...
You are my wife, and you're a part of my life.