You see

You see,
Some of them.
They’re looking at me as if my Hijab is oppression.
Hoping Imma come out with some kind of confession,
Saying some nonsense like my dad’s got me wearing it through aggression.
They ignoring the fact that it gives me my own kind of satisfaction,
I’m going crazy without, is like some weird obsession.
It’s funny,
Cuz some of them assuming that my hijab is gonna put through depression,
But how, when all I aim for is succession.
Now don’t get me wrong, I kno it may seem that theirs a lot limitations,
I feel, that I’m the one with liberation.
Because I’m shown more appreciation,
Rather then degradation.
Even though sometimes they may try isolation,
And Anti-the-Muslim Nation,
It never leads a graduation.
Cuz in order to attain a graduation,
They’ll need a combination of realization, and information,
About the right nation.
Because when I wear my hijab I got;
No desperation, and no need for imitation, but rather;
Fascination and determination,
To get to my ultimate destination.
And for those that try to put me in discrimination,
And my people in a “goal to extermination”.
Just remember they the same people who claim that this a civilization,
Is nothing but all about equalization.
So for them, all I gotta do is turn to my creator and make nothing for them but,
So that one-day they’ll join the Right Nation.
And accelerate in being a grateful creation.
To or Lord whose appearance can never degrade to our wild imagination.

---- Asma Mohamed

Free.PALESTINE!!! MashAllah


MashAllah this peom is wicked!!!