Zainab - daughter of Ali

Zainab's father was Ali, her mother was Fatima - daughter of the Prophet Muhammad. She saw her family being massacred on the day of Ashura for refusing to give allegiance to the oppressive tyrant Yazid. She was one of the women of the Prophet's household made to walk chained to the court of the tyrant. Today, 15th Rajab 1437, 23rd April 2016, is the anniversary of her own martyrdom.

When your family was attacked by darkness
You shined, like the moon in the night
Because your father is the Lion of God
And your mother is the Lady of Light

You saw your loved ones being butchered
On the hot sands of Karbala
Our shared grief brings us closer
Even when in time we are far

The lovers of the Prophet and his family
Remember with such depth of pain
The sacrifice of your sons and brothers
Including the true, the strong, Husayn

When we remember you being chained
Heads of your loved ones raised on spears
How can the heart stay indifferent, still?
Even now the eyes flow with tears

But you roared like a lion, like your father
In the face of the oppressors
Your bravery and steadfastness
Even now, and forever, help us

Because you are an example to us all
For all that is best
Truly you are high in rank in God's Kingdom
Truly, you passed the test

Saqib Hussain

Author of "Sweet Bird" and other works, available for free download from